Zenshifts has pushed out an update of enhancements to the schedule page and how you interact with it.

All of these enhancements have come directly from user feedback and we’re excited to be able to release them.

  • Shift and Week Templates saved by location

Shift and week templates now save by the location they are created in. This helps our large multi-site businesses enormously where the lists of templates were becoming difficult to scroll through. It also aligns with our focus on providing the most relevant information as often as possible to create rosters quickly and efficiently.

  • Copy Week Availability

We’ve added the ability to copy availability from week to week back into Zenshifts.

Click ‘Copy’ select ‘Copy Week’ and tick the ‘Include Availability’ button to copy availability from week to week

  • Reordering of Employees and Positions

One of our highest requested enhancements in now available. You can now restructure the employee or position list on the schedule in any order you want.

To change the list, click the drop down next to either an employee or position name and select ‘Re-order Names’

The list will condense and you can just drag and drop them into place from that point

Click save once you’re done and the changes will take effect.

  • Shift Templates trigger

We’ve moved the shift templates trigger button out of each day and into the navigation bar above the schedule.

This declutters the shift creation and moves the templates to a constant trigger point which makes using them easier.

If you have any feedback on this release or would like to chat about functionality, please email julian@zenshifts.com with any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

Kind regards,

Julian Cartwright