You may mark the staff as unavailable/partially available on those days that they are not available to do the shift. This will help you to make sure that you will not assign a shift to the staff that is not available. Please note that this will only available when you are on the Employee's view.

Prerequisite: You should have an admin or manager access to update Staff's availability.

  1. Go to the Schedule page.
  2.  Find the employee and the day you want to make unavailable and select the 'mark as unavailable' button.
  3. Click the small circle with line through it.

4. You can enter a Full day as Unavailable. Full Day's will appear red on the schedule

5. You may also select Partially Unavailable if the staff is not available for a specific time only. Select the times the staff member is unavailable between and then click Save.  Partial day Unavailability will display in the Peach/Orange color.

6. You can copy unavailavility/partialy unavailable in the same way you can copy a shift. 

7. Select the copy button within the Unavailability and paste the availability across the schedule page.