Prerequisite: Only Admin or Manager can add or edit a shift to add a note.

You can add additional information to an individual shift or a whole day.  Shift notes will display in the shift and can be communicated to the staff member when the schedule is published. Day notes will display at the top of the day, can be communicated to all staff working that day, and also will print on the schedule reports.

  1. First, you'll need to turn the notes feature in your company settings. 
  2. Select Organization and Company from the drop-down menu.  
  3. Go to the Schedule Settings tab.
  4. Scroll down to Notes and turn the feature On before clicking Save.

You can then go back to the schedule page and you can see the 'Add note' option on the shift when you create them.

Adding a Note on a Shift

  1. Create a new shift or select an existing one.
  2. You'll see the Add Notes button inside the shift creation tool/panel.
  3. Click Add Notes to enter the information

4. Add up to 300 characters of information into the note. 

5. If you want the staff to view the note when you publish the schedule, move the toggle from No to Yes. 

6. Once you have entered your note click save. 

7. You'll view the note on the schedule by hovering over the speech bubble icon inside the shift.

Adding day notes

  1. To add a note to a day, click the + next to the date above the schedule. 

2. Enter your note into the notes field, choose if you want staff to receive the note via email and mobile notification.

3. You can display the day note at more than one location. Use the location selector to choose which locations to display the note at.

4. Once you're finished, click Save and the note will apply. 

5. You can view the note in the speech bubble just like a daily note.

6.If you want to have the note print on the schedule reports, select Show Daily Notes when generating the printout.