In addition to pushing mobile app notifications and email notifications, Zenshifts also provides the option to notify your staff via SMS.

SMS notifications are charged at a rate of $0.09 AUD per 160-character message sent. Typically, a staff member with a five-day workweek will receive their entire roster in one SMS message. However, if shifts are split between different days, it is possible that the roster may extend into a second message.

It's important to note that staff members are not currently able to reply to an SMS roster and have their response come through to a manager.

Furthermore, managers or admins who publish rosters via SMS are not able to add additional information to the roster. Zenshifts does not currently have a shift confirmation process through SMS.

It's important to consider the cost and limitations of SMS notifications before deciding to use this option. While SMS notifications can be a quick and efficient way to notify staff of their rosters, there are limitations to the amount of information that can be conveyed through a text message, and the cost can add up quickly for larger teams or frequent roster changes.